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Turning the complexities of sponsoring and managing work visas into a seamless experience.

A Beacon in Immigration and Visa Guidance. Anchored in Punjab, India, and extending its expertise to Canada, Oceanbird Abroad has charted successful paths for numerous aspirants since 2022. Stemming from a visionary spark, we've become the go-to partner for those seeking brighter horizons. Wherever your dreams take you, we pave the way for a seamless transition.

Exceptional Advice from Experienced Consultants.

Oceanbird Abroad offers consultation through certified and seasoned professionals.


Following Steps Apply Online Visa

Oceanbird Abroad boasts a team of adept professionals dedicated to maximizing your immigration prospects. Our experienced and reliable consultants stand by you, ensuring the best outcomes for your case.

Step 1

Fill In The
Required Form

Oceanbird Abroad will handle all necessary paperwork and form-filling when you apply for a visa.

Step 2

Submit All Your
Attested Documents

Oceanbird Abroad will also ensure all your attested documents are duly submitted as required.

Step 3

Get Ready To
Receive your Visa

Let go of visa processing concerns; sit back and await your desired visa with Oceanbird Abroad by your side.


WHY CHOOSE Oceanbird Abroad?

Endless Advantages & Streamlined Procedures with Oceanbird Abroad.

Choose Oceanbird Abroad because navigating the dynamic and intricate immigration rules can be daunting. With complexities in dealing with the migration department and the need for a higher success rate, we simplify the process for you.

Assured Legal Immigration with Oceanbird Abroad.

Since 2021, Oceanbird Abroad has maintained a legal immigration success rate of 97%. Rest easy, knowing you're in trusted hands.

Required Documents Support

Navigating which documents are required and when can be challenging for individuals and students alike. Oceanbird Abroad is here to streamline that for you.


Our Best Experts Ready To Help

Oceanbird Abroad boasts a proficient team dedicated to guiding you through your immigration journey. With our reliable and experienced consultants by your side, we aim for the best possible outcomes for your case.


Lovedeep Singh

CEO - Founder

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